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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The joys

Competitive, charming, caring and courageous.

Descriptive terms for my 4 children in order and all encompassing although certainly not the only words to describe these wonderful people.

Asked as a girl did I envision four children the response would have varied depending on the day.

Asked now how it is to raise four children the response would vary depending on the day.

Today I am reflective and sentimental~cherishing each and every moment spent with them~the fun times and the challenging.  There have been plenty of both.

Son 1 called me to ask how to handle an injury to the ribs.  The call started with "mom-remember how we got those pains?" and ended with "well I did make a couple hard dives to the ground in my football game last night-we won though-in the rain" He has the same don't give up attitude as his mother.... Competitive

Listening to Son 2 inform his humble co-worker from Nicaragua that her hair cut reminded him of Mariska Hagirtay as he speaks to her in Spanish as often as possible warms my heart. I watch in awe as he makes his way through life. Like his father he can charm a crowd no matter the audience, businessmen, truck drivers, old, young~the crowd makes no difference to him. He draws people in with words and beautiful blue eyes. .......Charming

Only daughter breaks into tears when informed about a neighbors dog who had to be put down, or someone's child was hurt or sick. Despite the many obstacles and hurtles life has thrown her way, she is always concerned about the other guy-a champion for the underdog who opens her heart to all even if they have hurt her....Caring

Not a baby but always MY baby-son 3 tackles each day with a vigor and zest for life unrivaled by many.  Despite daily challenges that are beyond his control he triumphs in so many ways.  When I am unsure about something new for him~he assures me with-"I can do this mom!" and watching him bust a move at a crowded concert the other night was pure joy.....Courageous

When I am weak they are strong and lift me up.  When I feel down, they love me more.  They know what I need often before or without me asking.  They forgive me my imperfections and challenge me to improve.  They suffer my stubbornness, my running, my tattoos, my flaws and "care free" ways with a bond that only comes from siblings that can say~"Yep! That's my mom".

I celebrate them for who they are and how they are, not how me and their dad thought or think they should be-just as they are!

They are........my Children!

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