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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Show me the picture...show it to me!

I'm a morning runner. OR I used to be a morning runner.

My current employment status of "in transition" has evoked some sort of laziness in me that I actually quite enjoy.

9:00am~laying in bed COMPLETELY unmotivated to get up and run thinking...I've got all day yet knowing~it's now or never. I send out a FB status plea looking for motivation to get my rear end up and out!

Motivation comes in different and often strange forms for all of us. Here's a small list of some of my motivations to run.

~fitness and a healthy life style...knowing I did what I could to remain active when my crew of children have a slew of their own and hopefully they all can say "Grandma rocks"

~desire to have just one garlic knot during the dinner that is scheduled tonight, because honestly carbs are comfort foods

~ competitive nature: I log my miles on dailymile and I look at the leaderboard and check out my stats (I don't count the really fast people or the people training for a marathon~makes my at least a competitor!)

~training for races, it always works for me...see competitive nature above.

~running partners: I'm fiercely loyal and if I say I'll meet you for a run-I will even if I'm dog tired.

In the end what got me up and out this morning.

A picture! 

Be it a picture of where you've been or where your going...a picture can say a thousand words!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm not one of those runners...or am I ?

Today I met my two running partners for the first time in a long while.  They are great women and I was thrilled (with a touch of trepidation) to get the chance to see them, catch up with them, run with them.  What makes me anxious to run with them?  Several things: I'm out of shape, my running has been spotty at best, where they have consistently met and run our normal Saturday runs for the past year and a half that I've been MIA.  They're faster than me-being out of shape doesn't help my situation at all-I'm taller than them both but next to them I feel GIANT and out of place.

When we began our running journey years ago, we didn't know much about running except that we weren't one of "those" runners.  Either on the trail or in a social situation.

On the trail
~ Large groups with the lead runner often shouting phrases that echo through the entire group~"RUNNER UP", "Dog on your left", "WALKERS"~seriously...it freaked us out.
~Happy joggers, greeting everyone they passed with a robust "Good Morning" ~what?! It's freezing and 7am and we are working our asses off to burn enough calories to enjoy Saturday festivities...nothing good about that.
~Showered, primped and sweet smelling groups of people who make you want to follow them when they pass.  HONESTLY, me and my home girls show up in the same stanky running clothes we've had for years, bed head, smelling like last night and lucky if we actually brushed our teeth!

In a social situation
~Runners who down play their accomplishments.  "Oh, we just ran a quick 8"; "Anyone can run, if you run 1 mile you can run 20."
~Runners who talk about upcoming runs. "No beer for me, I'm running in the morning."  "What does your long run look like for this week?" 
~Runners who's conversations turn to "running things".  "Just icing my shins." "What shoes do you currently run in?"  "Are you registered for any races?"

Our running has grown over the years, however some things remain the same.  We still enjoy the company and companionship of our shared quest for physical fitness.  Our lives have changes since we began and our homes are now full of teenagers not toddlers, but the "therapy" (as mentioned by someone today) remains priceless.  We are tending to the well being of not only our bodies, but also our mental health as we discuss life and all it's ups and downs.  Stories shared, hurts expressed, worries calmed, insecurities admitted~there is a comfort in the running conversation and the bond that brings us together on these early Saturday mornings.

Have we become one of "those" runners?....Yes...and...No.  

We talk about our runs, downplay our accomplishments, and chit chat about running stuff.  We say hello to passing runners and claim our portion of the turf as a group.  We've never yelled "Runner up" but we appreciate those groups now and understand the need for a shared experience.  The one thing I feel confident we will never change is our ability to roll out of bed, pull on some clothes and take our stanky selfs out to the trails.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scammers, Grandmothers, and Canadian jails

A lot can happen when I head out for a run. Sometimes WAY more than I expect!

My mother and sister were scammed.  The heartstrings of a loving Grandmother and Aunt pulled and preyed upon without shame. The story goes something like this.

8:30am call to land line of unsuspecting Grandmother- "Grandma (a name she's NEVER been called by any of her 5 grandchildren EVER) I need help, I'm in a jail in Manitoba Canada."

8:35am sleepy and confused Grandmother-"Is this you Frederick (name changed to protect the innocent)"

8:36am coniving and convincing scammer-"Yes it is, and I just need $3000 wired to me to get me out of jail for taking "illegal substances" across the border.  Don't tell my parents, I'll tell them when I get home."

8:40am sleepy, confused and now concerned Grandmother-"oh my word, please tell me where to send it"

8:41am coniving and convincing and celebrating scammer now begins the process of telling exactly how and where to take the cash only money and wire the funds- with instructions to send it to Lima Peru.....ummm didn't he say Canadian jail?

Well meaning and soft hearted Grandmother decides to contact soft hearted Aunt and they proceed to set in motion the wiring of the "bond money" to get said criminal out of jail.

Red Flags waving in their faces held nothing on the compassion and concern of two woman trying to help their family. Level headed Uncle sees the $$$$ flying out the door and the reality that someone might have known the "offender" had been in Canada since he usually resides south of the Mason Dixon line makes a wise decision to call his dad(I'm still running). This call sets a series of confusing events in motion including not being able to reach said criminal and a lock down on the campus he attends. Thankfully when it all panned out, no money was sent and child was located without incident.

Several lessons learned here:
-NEVER wire money without contacting parents and knowing all details.
-After some reflection my son decided calling "Grandma" might be his best option if ever needed.
-Families need both soft hearted AND level headed members!
-Life is always easier to tackle when I start my day with a run.

Working inside or outside the comfort zone

Attended my first tweetup last night...actually more worked it and watched from the sidelines...and had a blast! I tend to be hugely social behind the keys of my ipad, laptop, smart phone and often awkwardly frozen when confronted with ACTUAL in person social situations...especially when I'm solo at an event.

Stepped out of "the comfort zone" in my conintuing efforts to re: define, discover, invent, find myself and wallflower girl managed to eek out a few actual conversations! Technically I was working as "security" for the swag, but it was a great reason to not have to actually leave the assigned table and mingle. 

Current employment= "In transistion".  Picked this up last night and I like it.  In discussion with a bright, beautiful, kind young woman business owner she said to me.  "It's okay to take time to figure out what you want to do~as long as at some point you just pick something and see if that's it...if not-change".  I have thought of not much else but this statement since.  Topping it off was seeing a post from my dear friend that asked the question~" Is it better to learn how to do one thing really, really well or learn to do several things well, but not really well?"

 For me the issues are that I want to do everything, try everything, experience everything! Often times my passion or desire for work doesn't exactly match my skill/ability. Does it need to, can a small amount of skill with a larger amount of passion equal success? Time to discover if it can!   

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't you think it smells really good in here...I mean looks.

Today I caught a glimpse of the notion of time well spent.  My adult children (yes I said it~yes they can quote me)!  

I suppose you can say they have come full circle, and as I begin to write I wonder if and possibly how many times again in their lives they will journey around this circle.

The early years equaled countless hours spent together playing and creating; mischief making and wonderful boy play! Finger painting entire bodies, making swings out of found rope and sticks (yes someone did almost poke an eye out with that one), experiments with the forces of gravity where the object of the experiment was the younger brother, digging toy polar bears out of large bouncy balls with sharp pocket knives- one of many emergency room visits there, building bombs for gangster movies and lighting them...in the house.  They enjoyed each others company, they joked, laughed, rarely fought and stuck up for each other and I would have dared anyone mess with one or the other!

The wonder years (that's what I'll call them) brought loads and loads of arguing, one upping and occasional downright nastiness to each other.  I believed I was in some sort of teen brother nightmare ~keeping them separated and settling arguments over socks, boxers, prized possessions, crunching, hair twirling, there seemed no end of things to fight over.  In fact...I nicknamed them "The Bicker Brothers".  One thing remained constant~They stuck up for each other and I would have dared anyone mess with one or the other!

Today~I watch and marvel as they joke about things that only brothers share. They laugh, they enjoy, they spend time together and yes they are STILL full of mischief.  They now support each other in ways I never imagined possible during "the wonder years" and I watch in awe as I realize the bond they share. I dare someone mess with one or the other! They are...BROTHERS!

 Disclaimer: They are wearing matching shirts because their younger brother brought the shirts back from his 13 year old father/son trip to Alaska! And don't even THINK of messing with him either!

I was robbed

It's true!  Sucky as it was being robbed 2 days before Christmas~it's small change to the real goods I was robbed of over the last couple years.

Realization of the slow and steady taking of things that aren't yours to take came over me while running the other day. The culprit of all of this...myself.

I will not allow someone to take from me my desire to exercise!
I will not allow someone to take from me my right to exercise!

I will not allow someone to take from me my sense of self!
I will not allow someone to take from me my spunk, my snark, my spark!

I will not allow someone to take from me the feeling that I CAN accomplish what I set out to!
I will not allow someone to take from me my accomplishments however large or small!

On any given run, I run for a multitude of reasons but at the end of each run I finally understand I run for me! No matter how far or how fast I was~I accomplished something!