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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't you think it smells really good in here...I mean looks.

Today I caught a glimpse of the notion of time well spent.  My adult children (yes I said it~yes they can quote me)!  

I suppose you can say they have come full circle, and as I begin to write I wonder if and possibly how many times again in their lives they will journey around this circle.

The early years equaled countless hours spent together playing and creating; mischief making and wonderful boy play! Finger painting entire bodies, making swings out of found rope and sticks (yes someone did almost poke an eye out with that one), experiments with the forces of gravity where the object of the experiment was the younger brother, digging toy polar bears out of large bouncy balls with sharp pocket knives- one of many emergency room visits there, building bombs for gangster movies and lighting them...in the house.  They enjoyed each others company, they joked, laughed, rarely fought and stuck up for each other and I would have dared anyone mess with one or the other!

The wonder years (that's what I'll call them) brought loads and loads of arguing, one upping and occasional downright nastiness to each other.  I believed I was in some sort of teen brother nightmare ~keeping them separated and settling arguments over socks, boxers, prized possessions, crunching, hair twirling, there seemed no end of things to fight over.  In fact...I nicknamed them "The Bicker Brothers".  One thing remained constant~They stuck up for each other and I would have dared anyone mess with one or the other!

Today~I watch and marvel as they joke about things that only brothers share. They laugh, they enjoy, they spend time together and yes they are STILL full of mischief.  They now support each other in ways I never imagined possible during "the wonder years" and I watch in awe as I realize the bond they share. I dare someone mess with one or the other! They are...BROTHERS!

 Disclaimer: They are wearing matching shirts because their younger brother brought the shirts back from his 13 year old father/son trip to Alaska! And don't even THINK of messing with him either!


Anj Wiley said...

You are a great mother and all the years were worth it. This post gives hope to other mothers who are still in the weeds!

Susan Kenny said...

Again, a great story!