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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Show me the picture...show it to me!

I'm a morning runner. OR I used to be a morning runner.

My current employment status of "in transition" has evoked some sort of laziness in me that I actually quite enjoy.

9:00am~laying in bed COMPLETELY unmotivated to get up and run thinking...I've got all day yet knowing~it's now or never. I send out a FB status plea looking for motivation to get my rear end up and out!

Motivation comes in different and often strange forms for all of us. Here's a small list of some of my motivations to run.

~fitness and a healthy life style...knowing I did what I could to remain active when my crew of children have a slew of their own and hopefully they all can say "Grandma rocks"

~desire to have just one garlic knot during the dinner that is scheduled tonight, because honestly carbs are comfort foods

~ competitive nature: I log my miles on dailymile and I look at the leaderboard and check out my stats (I don't count the really fast people or the people training for a marathon~makes my at least a competitor!)

~training for races, it always works for me...see competitive nature above.

~running partners: I'm fiercely loyal and if I say I'll meet you for a run-I will even if I'm dog tired.

In the end what got me up and out this morning.

A picture! 

Be it a picture of where you've been or where your going...a picture can say a thousand words!

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