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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working inside or outside the comfort zone

Attended my first tweetup last night...actually more worked it and watched from the sidelines...and had a blast! I tend to be hugely social behind the keys of my ipad, laptop, smart phone and often awkwardly frozen when confronted with ACTUAL in person social situations...especially when I'm solo at an event.

Stepped out of "the comfort zone" in my conintuing efforts to re: define, discover, invent, find myself and wallflower girl managed to eek out a few actual conversations! Technically I was working as "security" for the swag, but it was a great reason to not have to actually leave the assigned table and mingle. 

Current employment= "In transistion".  Picked this up last night and I like it.  In discussion with a bright, beautiful, kind young woman business owner she said to me.  "It's okay to take time to figure out what you want to do~as long as at some point you just pick something and see if that's it...if not-change".  I have thought of not much else but this statement since.  Topping it off was seeing a post from my dear friend that asked the question~" Is it better to learn how to do one thing really, really well or learn to do several things well, but not really well?"

 For me the issues are that I want to do everything, try everything, experience everything! Often times my passion or desire for work doesn't exactly match my skill/ability. Does it need to, can a small amount of skill with a larger amount of passion equal success? Time to discover if it can!   

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Susan Kenny said...

I'm with you girlfriend!