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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thirteen point one

Is it fear of failure or fear of success that keeps us from achieving our goals?

Two weekends ago I completed my second half marathon.  Infinitely less prepared physically than the first however moderately more prepared mentally, I set out with no specific goal other than to finish and enjoy my time on the course. It worked~2 minutes faster than previous race.

My mental game typically gets the better of me.  Read all about it here. Prior to most races I need counseling from my running partner or any number of good friends.  I try~really, really try to stay relaxed and not get all freakishly obsessed over EVERY aspect of racing....need examples? This is what I worry about-here you go:

-what I will wear
-the weather
-will I finish
-if I can't finish will they pull me off the course
-WORSE: will it close before I finish
-will my music be good enough
-am I drinking enough
-eating enough
-will I follow the course (laughable as that's really only a thought for the leaders-so you see how my thinking doesn't follow logic if I am worried both about not knowing the right turn-follow the people in front dummy, AND being the last on the course)
-rub rashes
-stomach issues
-starting line
-etc, etc, etc ~really the list can be long and I can certainly think up any number of things to worry about

This weekend I am scheduled to run another race...a half marathon with my dear girl friends I ran the first half with.  The 7 miles I put in yesterday sucked~truly a bad, bad run.  It hurt and my body feels terrible today-achey, swollen (weird), tired, blah. That alone can lend credence to a crazy girl! Surprisingly my mental game is in tact! I'm ready.

I attribute it to my stellar finish in the last half, right behind THE WINNER...of the Marathon. ~SMILE.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy feet

To do list for today: (the while the kids are at school to do list)


2-Work on computer at various free wifi spots I frequent while waiting for kids to get out of school.

3-Job interview

School is 30 minutes from home and being "between jobs" I choose to stay in town while waiting for the school day to end. I pack a bag and semi live out of my car. 

Foot attire of choice for my to do list:

1-running shoes-I love my running shoes and often long to be in them and running when I am doing other things.

2-flip flops-what I prefer my feet to be in if not in running shoes

3-wedge summer sandals-bleck, but If I HAVE to look all professional and stuff-they are open and work

Run completed; job interview cancelled left me with.......


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes you just have to take your underwear off!

Ran my second half marathon this weekend. Runners are funny people and often cross lines that wouldn't be crossed in real life, except for the bond of shared experiences.  Pushing our bodies often beyond what we believe is possible only to realize our own strength can often bring out some great topics of conversations!

Let it be known~I am NO WHERE near what I call real runners or elite runners.  I'm out there, I'm doing it, it counts...right?

Things I've actually talked about or said include some fun stuff.

Any variation of the human body waste removal discussion. Everybody poops, we've all read or heard of the book.  Runners have been known to discuss all matters of the need to poop, the desire to poop before a run, the emergency of having to poop while running, the post run poop.  Gross and disgusting as it can be we talk at ease on the subject.  It's natural, get over it.

"Would you like to use some of my body glide." More miles=more chance something will rub.  A ill placed seam or skin on skin rubbing for hours can make for painful burns in places that are unforgiving. Making sure sensitive areas have proper lube for the impending friction fest can be critical.

Hocking loogies, wiping snotty noses on sleeves, inadvertent trickle of a full bladder, bleeding toes, gross oozing blisters~all fair game for a runner discussion.   

Body smells-enough said~oh, and how to remove said smells from the wicking type clothing whose job it is to absorb the pounds of sweat pouring out of you.

What we wear from type of fabric and style of clothing to jog bras and spandex and if underwear are needed or not. My advice, on the subject~ladies: keep "the girls" tight and wear spandex if your thighs are at risk of touching.  Only advice I have given to a guy-lose the undies, keep the spandex!

Happy conversations and happy running!

For those that inspired me

"4:15am is a stupid time to get up" First words out of my mouth Sunday morning as I made my way downstairs where my running partner was already awake and on her ipad~likely checking her twitter account.

Reason for the nasty wake up time~we were running in a half marathon that morning!  A half marathon I was not fully trained/prepared for but was 100% committed to doing.  My running partner being the awesome strong woman she is jumped in at my last minute (Thursday) request to run with me!

For all the people I met along the way that inspired me to finish what I started~thank you.

My running partner and long time friend who already had many miles the week prior, was sick and agreed last minute to run with me~you are wise and strong and have my full admiration.

The friend who I originally agreed to this race with and signed me up. Your first half marathon during some large life hurtles~I applaud your dedication and follow through and so thankful to be a part of this race with you.

My "roommate" and great friend~life can knock you down, knowing when to get up and when to stay down can be tricky.  You've taught me to listen to myself and proceed the best way for me~can not think of a better boost than seeing you on the course and bringing me to the finish line.

First time half marathoner friend of a friend and now friend~I applaud your variety of races and appreciate meeting you and hope to race again in the future.

Long time friends and racing partners completing your fist marathon~your confidence and calmness kept my nerves at bay while in the port-o-potty line.

Slightly nervous man on his first half marathon~you made it! We knew you would! So glad to see you at the finish line.

Young woman with prothetic leg~amazing!

Marathoner with literally bleeding inner thighs~you never even slowed your pace, how could I begin to think about walking?

Young (18) year old winner of the marathon, finished at the same time I finished my half marathon~not much left to say there other than~WOW and keep running~couldn't have asked for a more inspiring finish!

My four awesome, unique kids, inspiration for each and every time I lace up my shoes and head outside~one day you will understand my desire to remain healthy and active. Until then~thanks for listening and putting up with running talk!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

You can run but you can't hide

List of things I HATED when I was a child:

bran sprinkled in everything we ate
Grape Nuts-the terd kind-NOT the flakes
"healthy" cereal
mineral oil in my orange juice
the "2 cookie" rule
Saturday no cartoon rule meant rising early for scheduled activity

List of things I'm GRATEFUL for from my childhood:
see list above MINUS Powdered milk!

Today's run aka-feeble attempt to ready myself for an upcoming race-was one of those thought provoking runs.  Weather was wonderful, sun was shining, warm but not hot. Pace was on target, scenery was pleasant, head was in the game.

My quest for a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness is an ongoing, evolving venture. I began to wonder when it began...and then it hit me~BRAN FLAKES!

Thinking back to my childhood, my mother was on it!  I lived in Buffalo, NY-the houses were so close I could (and likely did) throw things to my friends house from my bedroom window.  It's cooler in Buffalo and our yard wasn't huge.  WE HAD A GREAT GARDEN!  I remember cutting the lettuce for dinner and gathering other items for the salad I then resisted and now desire.  The fence along the garage held a grape vine with which we made jam.  All of the above items in the childhood "hated" list were part of my everyday.  She biked, walked, ran.  A woman of boundless energy she almost never sat down.

Every meal was made from scratch, not boxed, frozen, or canned~scratch! The only time I EVER remember eating frozen foods (frozen veggies excluded) was when my dad was in charge. It wasn't very often and we thought it was so exciting! ....I don't buy frozen foods!

She exercised before it was popular for mom's to exercise, she insisted all three girls participate in sports. She wrapped our sandwiches in waxed paper-not foil or plastic wrap. Vegetable were purchased from the farmers market via the co-op. Ask her how she feels about imported produce-I dare you. I thought fresh preserves were the same as jelly.  We hardly ever ate fast food and certain ice cream stores were forbidden due to questionable business practices. She was progressive in these areas!

As different as we can be, as many times as I said I wouldn't be like my mother...I realized today-I'm thankful a part of me is.