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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For those that inspired me

"4:15am is a stupid time to get up" First words out of my mouth Sunday morning as I made my way downstairs where my running partner was already awake and on her ipad~likely checking her twitter account.

Reason for the nasty wake up time~we were running in a half marathon that morning!  A half marathon I was not fully trained/prepared for but was 100% committed to doing.  My running partner being the awesome strong woman she is jumped in at my last minute (Thursday) request to run with me!

For all the people I met along the way that inspired me to finish what I started~thank you.

My running partner and long time friend who already had many miles the week prior, was sick and agreed last minute to run with me~you are wise and strong and have my full admiration.

The friend who I originally agreed to this race with and signed me up. Your first half marathon during some large life hurtles~I applaud your dedication and follow through and so thankful to be a part of this race with you.

My "roommate" and great friend~life can knock you down, knowing when to get up and when to stay down can be tricky.  You've taught me to listen to myself and proceed the best way for me~can not think of a better boost than seeing you on the course and bringing me to the finish line.

First time half marathoner friend of a friend and now friend~I applaud your variety of races and appreciate meeting you and hope to race again in the future.

Long time friends and racing partners completing your fist marathon~your confidence and calmness kept my nerves at bay while in the port-o-potty line.

Slightly nervous man on his first half marathon~you made it! We knew you would! So glad to see you at the finish line.

Young woman with prothetic leg~amazing!

Marathoner with literally bleeding inner thighs~you never even slowed your pace, how could I begin to think about walking?

Young (18) year old winner of the marathon, finished at the same time I finished my half marathon~not much left to say there other than~WOW and keep running~couldn't have asked for a more inspiring finish!

My four awesome, unique kids, inspiration for each and every time I lace up my shoes and head outside~one day you will understand my desire to remain healthy and active. Until then~thanks for listening and putting up with running talk!

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