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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy feet

To do list for today: (the while the kids are at school to do list)


2-Work on computer at various free wifi spots I frequent while waiting for kids to get out of school.

3-Job interview

School is 30 minutes from home and being "between jobs" I choose to stay in town while waiting for the school day to end. I pack a bag and semi live out of my car. 

Foot attire of choice for my to do list:

1-running shoes-I love my running shoes and often long to be in them and running when I am doing other things.

2-flip flops-what I prefer my feet to be in if not in running shoes

3-wedge summer sandals-bleck, but If I HAVE to look all professional and stuff-they are open and work

Run completed; job interview cancelled left me with.......



Susan Kenny said...


Jason Horn said...

Really funny but I be thinking those are some sessy feet.!

Tara18 said...

Why thank you both!

Anj Wiley said...

Let's be honest here, there is only one place you abuse their free wi-fi! Love the shoes:)

Tara18 said...

@Anj~I diversify my locations of free wi-fi abuse from time to time. :)