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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes you just have to take your underwear off!

Ran my second half marathon this weekend. Runners are funny people and often cross lines that wouldn't be crossed in real life, except for the bond of shared experiences.  Pushing our bodies often beyond what we believe is possible only to realize our own strength can often bring out some great topics of conversations!

Let it be known~I am NO WHERE near what I call real runners or elite runners.  I'm out there, I'm doing it, it counts...right?

Things I've actually talked about or said include some fun stuff.

Any variation of the human body waste removal discussion. Everybody poops, we've all read or heard of the book.  Runners have been known to discuss all matters of the need to poop, the desire to poop before a run, the emergency of having to poop while running, the post run poop.  Gross and disgusting as it can be we talk at ease on the subject.  It's natural, get over it.

"Would you like to use some of my body glide." More miles=more chance something will rub.  A ill placed seam or skin on skin rubbing for hours can make for painful burns in places that are unforgiving. Making sure sensitive areas have proper lube for the impending friction fest can be critical.

Hocking loogies, wiping snotty noses on sleeves, inadvertent trickle of a full bladder, bleeding toes, gross oozing blisters~all fair game for a runner discussion.   

Body smells-enough said~oh, and how to remove said smells from the wicking type clothing whose job it is to absorb the pounds of sweat pouring out of you.

What we wear from type of fabric and style of clothing to jog bras and spandex and if underwear are needed or not. My advice, on the subject~ladies: keep "the girls" tight and wear spandex if your thighs are at risk of touching.  Only advice I have given to a guy-lose the undies, keep the spandex!

Happy conversations and happy running!

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