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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thirteen point one

Is it fear of failure or fear of success that keeps us from achieving our goals?

Two weekends ago I completed my second half marathon.  Infinitely less prepared physically than the first however moderately more prepared mentally, I set out with no specific goal other than to finish and enjoy my time on the course. It worked~2 minutes faster than previous race.

My mental game typically gets the better of me.  Read all about it here. Prior to most races I need counseling from my running partner or any number of good friends.  I try~really, really try to stay relaxed and not get all freakishly obsessed over EVERY aspect of racing....need examples? This is what I worry about-here you go:

-what I will wear
-the weather
-will I finish
-if I can't finish will they pull me off the course
-WORSE: will it close before I finish
-will my music be good enough
-am I drinking enough
-eating enough
-will I follow the course (laughable as that's really only a thought for the leaders-so you see how my thinking doesn't follow logic if I am worried both about not knowing the right turn-follow the people in front dummy, AND being the last on the course)
-rub rashes
-stomach issues
-starting line
-etc, etc, etc ~really the list can be long and I can certainly think up any number of things to worry about

This weekend I am scheduled to run another race...a half marathon with my dear girl friends I ran the first half with.  The 7 miles I put in yesterday sucked~truly a bad, bad run.  It hurt and my body feels terrible today-achey, swollen (weird), tired, blah. That alone can lend credence to a crazy girl! Surprisingly my mental game is in tact! I'm ready.

I attribute it to my stellar finish in the last half, right behind THE WINNER...of the Marathon. ~SMILE.


Anj Wiley said...

Wow! You really do need to get out of your head! I haven't thought about even one of these things. I have thought about the hills but that's it. Relax, you've already done 2; this isn't your first rodeo.

Tara18 said...

HILLS! Damn, another thing to worry about! KIDDING! This Cowgirl is ready for the rodeo!