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Thursday, March 8, 2012

You can run but you can't hide

List of things I HATED when I was a child:

bran sprinkled in everything we ate
Grape Nuts-the terd kind-NOT the flakes
"healthy" cereal
mineral oil in my orange juice
the "2 cookie" rule
Saturday no cartoon rule meant rising early for scheduled activity

List of things I'm GRATEFUL for from my childhood:
see list above MINUS Powdered milk!

Today's run aka-feeble attempt to ready myself for an upcoming race-was one of those thought provoking runs.  Weather was wonderful, sun was shining, warm but not hot. Pace was on target, scenery was pleasant, head was in the game.

My quest for a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness is an ongoing, evolving venture. I began to wonder when it began...and then it hit me~BRAN FLAKES!

Thinking back to my childhood, my mother was on it!  I lived in Buffalo, NY-the houses were so close I could (and likely did) throw things to my friends house from my bedroom window.  It's cooler in Buffalo and our yard wasn't huge.  WE HAD A GREAT GARDEN!  I remember cutting the lettuce for dinner and gathering other items for the salad I then resisted and now desire.  The fence along the garage held a grape vine with which we made jam.  All of the above items in the childhood "hated" list were part of my everyday.  She biked, walked, ran.  A woman of boundless energy she almost never sat down.

Every meal was made from scratch, not boxed, frozen, or canned~scratch! The only time I EVER remember eating frozen foods (frozen veggies excluded) was when my dad was in charge. It wasn't very often and we thought it was so exciting! ....I don't buy frozen foods!

She exercised before it was popular for mom's to exercise, she insisted all three girls participate in sports. She wrapped our sandwiches in waxed paper-not foil or plastic wrap. Vegetable were purchased from the farmers market via the co-op. Ask her how she feels about imported produce-I dare you. I thought fresh preserves were the same as jelly.  We hardly ever ate fast food and certain ice cream stores were forbidden due to questionable business practices. She was progressive in these areas!

As different as we can be, as many times as I said I wouldn't be like my mother...I realized today-I'm thankful a part of me is.


Jason Horn said...

Your very lucky to have such a wonderful person and mother in your life. Perhaps weekly dinners are in order with your mother to get back to the roots of your healthy beginnings.

Gretchen said...

Our moms must be related. I think I was the only kid in school with a sandwich wrapped in wax paper while all the other kids had ziplock bags. Same goes for the garden and home-cooked meals. Now ask my four kids about their mom. I am not coordinated enough to wrap their sandwiches in wax paper, so I do opt for ziplock, but I've got the lettuce seeds already out, and peppers, tomatoes, and rosemary seeds sprouting inside. (It's cooler here in Rochester...! ;-) Dinner tonight will be red beans and rice made from scratch. (It's already in the slow-cooker...) Now I need to get back in the car where I will live for the next five hours...

Tara18 said...

Jason~yes I am lucky and I like the suggestion!

Gretchen~looks like we had same "mom" must be that proper New York State upbringing!