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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giving up the security blanket...for a day

Linus isn't the only one who carries a security blanket.  A lot of us do.  For one reason or another, we hold on to things that make us feel secure, and comforted.  Often times we hold on to those items well past the point where others can even see the validity in our attachment to the items.

My running security blanket comes in the form of a well used and honestly kind of gross water bottle that I carry with me on EVERY run.  EVERY one! Two miles or a half marathon, that thing comes with me.  Often I have begun a run and felt off only to realize...no water bottle, so I head back and secure it with purpose in my left hand!

There have been legitimate reasons to carry water with me.  When I began running I was more than out of shape and I have asthma.  The stalkerish heavy breathing that ensued when I began running dried my throat out and occasionally triggered an attack in me.  Training for half marathons in the summer in the south can be difficult and I sweat like a man.  Honestly-LIKE A MAN-and staying hydrated on long runs is important.  I have run 2 half marathons that ran out of water around the 6-8 mile stations~terrible!

Reasons. Legitimate. Valid.

My running partner often cracks on me and my "security blanket" and lately I've been wondering how I would do with out it. Honestly, often I barely even take a sip of water on the run. Today-I decided would be the day let go of the comfortable, the fall back, the security blanket.

It was only a short distance, but I ran like the freakin wind compared to my current runs! Seriously-felt like I was gliding through the air, like running was a piece of cake, like I was born to run!

As I ran I remembered a recent discussion with a friend about how it takes courage to let go of the familiar and...

 I felt courageous!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow and steady...

When I was a kid I ran track. Sprinted, quick short little races~loved it!

As an adult, I run...distances, as long as my body will allow me some days.

I've often wondered~"what changed?" How could I have gone from loving those quick bursts of fast paced races, to settling in and pacing myself to go the distance.

The other day one of the kids asked me to run with them.  They LOVE to run they said.

Now I know what will happen, it happens every time.  They are young, their bodies haven't been through what mine has, they are thin and exuberant and all that youth has to offer! Said child headed out and I mentioned pacing, and that we were probably running 3 miles, not far just a little run. They are quickly running ahead of me and we are about ohhhh less than half a mile in when~DEAD STOP! "I can't, my breath, it's too hard, we should go back"...all rang in my ears as I passed the child and said again..."remember pacing"

About two miles in to the run (frequent stops for the child while I chugged along) and it dawned on me how I could now run the distance that I couldn't when I was a child. I had yet to have any real life experiences.  The ones that make you wonder IF you will ever make it to the other side, the ones that take your whole being to make it through, the ones where we grow and learn and get stronger.

As a child, I flitted through life with ease, just like I ran the sprints.

As an adult, I pace myself though life and when the uphills come I put my head down forge ahead and keep going, have learned to enjoy the downhills and cherish the flat road! And sprint any chance I get!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life lessons

Life lessons, everyone has to learn them.

Some are simple:
check the toilet seat prior to sitting (especially in a household of boys)
cars only run so long on E
stoves are hot

You get the picture!

Some a little more complex:
greater privileges equal greater responsibility  
responsibility comes before fun (this one still sucks)
saying nothing is often the biggest statement you can make (positive OR negative)

Four children means life lessons in abundance! Having no shortage of opportunities of "teachable" moments, often I feel damn certain that others get paid to offer the services I offer these budding adults!

How many times have I said "Your realization that you need art supplies at 10pm for a project due tomorrow yet assigned 2 weeks ago, really isn't my issue." Pointing out the obvious that as they grow into young adults they must take on a bigger part of responsibility is easily achieved on almost any day.

Often I say "Life is not for wimps".  Curve balls come our way.  It's never about if they will, only when and how fast.  Last weekend was full of curve balls and life lessons.  It's never easy to watch your children struggle and knowing when to step in and when to chalk it up to "life lesson" is a delicate balance. When you are powerless to offer even minimal assistance, it's painful.

Finding myself in need of real assistance this weekend only to be passed over for a  "life lesson" type of moment I thought of my children.  I pondered if and how many times I chose not to offer assistance because a "life lesson" was involved. And then I wondered if the life lesson for all of us can often be:

Sometimes offering assistance and showing compassion is the best life lesson!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fitness goals and sticking to the plan

Working towards a goal for me is always tough!  My desire to reach the goal is great, my patience is small. Wanting to be "at goal" yesterday, interrupts my focus and attention to actually reaching the goal. There is loads of evidence of my impatience found in the form of half finished art projects, almost but not quite done home projects, the dashboard of my computer with worksheets/emails/blogs/slideshows all begun...but not finished.


Most other projects be damned, my efforts are now geared toward getting me where I want to be fitness wise...which is ironically where I once was.

Discouragement is common when I work toward fitness goals.  Having previously reached my goals and feeling confident when I did that I would always be there made it difficult when I did NOT maintain my previous goals!


Define the goal~and tell a few people about it. (This helps with accountability)

Outline what will be done in order to reach goal~this keeps me focused to "stick to the plan"

Log successes~tracking my workouts and looking at the stats for not only me but fellow runners/cyclers/active friends helps motivate me (slight competitive nature)

Recognize failures, learn, move forward~NOT letting my failures keep me from getting back out the next, run, walk, workout is huge! Getting stuck in a cycle of, "I tried~it didn't work~there is no use doing it anymore~what's the point" brings me down and keeps me from reaching the goal I set for myself. 

CELEBRATE!!!~celebrating and enjoying even small successes boosts my desire to continue.  Working out a "reward system" now that includes a little help from my friends! So when I text you to join me for a pedicure/movie/beverage, know you are IMPORTANT to me AND a part of helping me reach my goal!