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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giving up the security blanket...for a day

Linus isn't the only one who carries a security blanket.  A lot of us do.  For one reason or another, we hold on to things that make us feel secure, and comforted.  Often times we hold on to those items well past the point where others can even see the validity in our attachment to the items.

My running security blanket comes in the form of a well used and honestly kind of gross water bottle that I carry with me on EVERY run.  EVERY one! Two miles or a half marathon, that thing comes with me.  Often I have begun a run and felt off only to realize...no water bottle, so I head back and secure it with purpose in my left hand!

There have been legitimate reasons to carry water with me.  When I began running I was more than out of shape and I have asthma.  The stalkerish heavy breathing that ensued when I began running dried my throat out and occasionally triggered an attack in me.  Training for half marathons in the summer in the south can be difficult and I sweat like a man.  Honestly-LIKE A MAN-and staying hydrated on long runs is important.  I have run 2 half marathons that ran out of water around the 6-8 mile stations~terrible!

Reasons. Legitimate. Valid.

My running partner often cracks on me and my "security blanket" and lately I've been wondering how I would do with out it. Honestly, often I barely even take a sip of water on the run. Today-I decided would be the day let go of the comfortable, the fall back, the security blanket.

It was only a short distance, but I ran like the freakin wind compared to my current runs! Seriously-felt like I was gliding through the air, like running was a piece of cake, like I was born to run!

As I ran I remembered a recent discussion with a friend about how it takes courage to let go of the familiar and...

 I felt courageous!

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