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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life lessons

Life lessons, everyone has to learn them.

Some are simple:
check the toilet seat prior to sitting (especially in a household of boys)
cars only run so long on E
stoves are hot

You get the picture!

Some a little more complex:
greater privileges equal greater responsibility  
responsibility comes before fun (this one still sucks)
saying nothing is often the biggest statement you can make (positive OR negative)

Four children means life lessons in abundance! Having no shortage of opportunities of "teachable" moments, often I feel damn certain that others get paid to offer the services I offer these budding adults!

How many times have I said "Your realization that you need art supplies at 10pm for a project due tomorrow yet assigned 2 weeks ago, really isn't my issue." Pointing out the obvious that as they grow into young adults they must take on a bigger part of responsibility is easily achieved on almost any day.

Often I say "Life is not for wimps".  Curve balls come our way.  It's never about if they will, only when and how fast.  Last weekend was full of curve balls and life lessons.  It's never easy to watch your children struggle and knowing when to step in and when to chalk it up to "life lesson" is a delicate balance. When you are powerless to offer even minimal assistance, it's painful.

Finding myself in need of real assistance this weekend only to be passed over for a  "life lesson" type of moment I thought of my children.  I pondered if and how many times I chose not to offer assistance because a "life lesson" was involved. And then I wondered if the life lesson for all of us can often be:

Sometimes offering assistance and showing compassion is the best life lesson!

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