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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow and steady...

When I was a kid I ran track. Sprinted, quick short little races~loved it!

As an adult, I run...distances, as long as my body will allow me some days.

I've often wondered~"what changed?" How could I have gone from loving those quick bursts of fast paced races, to settling in and pacing myself to go the distance.

The other day one of the kids asked me to run with them.  They LOVE to run they said.

Now I know what will happen, it happens every time.  They are young, their bodies haven't been through what mine has, they are thin and exuberant and all that youth has to offer! Said child headed out and I mentioned pacing, and that we were probably running 3 miles, not far just a little run. They are quickly running ahead of me and we are about ohhhh less than half a mile in when~DEAD STOP! "I can't, my breath, it's too hard, we should go back"...all rang in my ears as I passed the child and said again..."remember pacing"

About two miles in to the run (frequent stops for the child while I chugged along) and it dawned on me how I could now run the distance that I couldn't when I was a child. I had yet to have any real life experiences.  The ones that make you wonder IF you will ever make it to the other side, the ones that take your whole being to make it through, the ones where we grow and learn and get stronger.

As a child, I flitted through life with ease, just like I ran the sprints.

As an adult, I pace myself though life and when the uphills come I put my head down forge ahead and keep going, have learned to enjoy the downhills and cherish the flat road! And sprint any chance I get!

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