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Friday, May 25, 2012

Patience...I want it now!

I struggle!

I'm not patient~I'm the total opposite-I'm impatient. Impatience flows through all areas of my life and weaves itself into places I would rather it refrain from.

I wrote earlier about sticking to fitness goals. Since that writing~I have tried to stick to the plan (frequently, LIFE gets in the way) and I have not reached one single goal. What then...throw in the towel, quit, change gears, stick to the plan....

My running this past two weeks was non exsistent. When my running fails, my nutrition seems to fall as well. There are a slew of "legitimate" reasons I wasn't running and I'm tempted to list them, but in the end it usually boils down to~ 'shit happens' and it happens to everyone.

What to do then?

Backing up, looking at things in retrospect, listening to those around me who possess much wisdom....

Move forward!

Chalk it up to a bad two weeks, stick to the plan in place, adjust if needed and remember to make myself a priority.  All too often I (and I suspect others out there) put off something we want/need to do for ourselves because "other" things need to get done or "someone else" needs us to do something.  When I don't take time for myself and my health, wellness, fitness -REGARDLESS of how much I have going on, I (and I suspect others out there) allow stress to creep back in.  When stress creeps back in, what I have to offer others--- diminishes.

Next weeks work outs are planned and scheduled into another busy week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And so I ran...

Often asked why I run, I'm never sure how to answer the question.

There's a host of valid reasons that I could simply tick off in response. None of them ever accurately express what I feel inside that would answer the why.

Life is full of phases, times, seasons.  Some grand and wonderful and full of promise of great things to come. Some stink of rotting fish and hold the deep hope that we will simply make it through to the end of the day. Often there is nothing notable either positive or negative in daily life that sets it apart from any other time.

The downhills, the uphills, the flat roads I mentioned here.

My running partners are great inspirations to me not only on the trails but in day to day life.  A recent discussion centered around why we run had me thinking for days. As I chronicle my running I see all the beauty and the pain of life's journey played out in miles and miles of trails and neighborhood streets.

I began my running journey for honorable reasons~health/fitness/being there for my children and children's children. I continued just so I could fill endless hours in seemingly endless days when kids were small and sat in strollers or followed on bikes and needed to get energy out. Children grow, the needs of work/family/children grow, my need to run grew...exponentially.  Choosing to run/walk for hours and hours as often as I could became a coping skill, an escape.  I knew it, others knew it, a few mentioned it~I denied it. After all~I was fit and how in the world could I be running/exercising too much?

I was running FROM life.

I'm slow, life caught up with me...bit me in my tight runners arse.

Time has a way of smoothing things out and as the trials of my life begin to be ironed out so does my running AND my need/desire to run.

Admittedly~some runs remain purely to run from something painful/hurtful/unbearable when there seems no other way out.

My rear isn't as tight anymore and my pace is slower, but as I log my miles (increasing at a healthy rate)  I feel better and better as I learn to run TOWARD great things in my life and leave behind the running FROM.

My original running partner (the been there through thick and thin kind) and I are starting a new trail on our running journey, a local run club. We have shared MANY miles over the years and now hope to share miles with others, understanding the reasons to run remain varied for each person, I look forward to sharing a mile or two with those running FROM or TOWARD with the unspoken understanding of someone who knows.