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Monday, June 11, 2012

The community I run with!

Best running partner ever, long time friend, ever re-inventing ourselves business partner and I co-founded a local running group. We've begun other types of groups or projects and a few are even still around.  Ask us why we start these groups or tackle these projects and we will likely have no idea how to answer you.

An awesome group of people at varied levels of running, the group enjoyed it's 6th run last week.  As I stood in the parking lot pre-run I looked around at the group and thought to myself.  "These people keep coming back...and bringing others with them."  And I wondered ~ "why?"

I've run several races from 5k to 1/2 marathon distances, throw in a sprint-triathlon and mud run to spice it up a bit and you've got my racing repertoire.  My children ask me why I race and I never have a great answer.  In every race I find myself running solo.  No pack of people around me. A group ahead-I can see them, a group behind-I can hear them, and me...alone...in the middle.

 Run Club=SAME!

Finding myself in that same middle position last week I realized part of why I run races or start/join run clubs.  There is a comfort for me in the race or group run accompanied by the spirit of competition that drives me to strive for more from myself.  Although I may not personally know any of the people in a race or in these groups, I am surrounded by people "like" me.  People working it out on the road, one step in front of the other.  I may never be running with the runners in front of me-but there is a comfort in knowing they are there in front of me should I happen to catch them, I'm not alone.  I may never be running with the runners behind me but I know they are there should I need someone to run with.

In every race I've completed, lead runners head back up the course (medals in hand) for one reason or another and ALWAYS encourage me.  Their presence assures me I can complete the task at hand and their voices tell me I'm doing great.

Whether formally brought together by a group, a race, a chance meeting or conversation, or even on-line, runners are a community.  A community that "gets" each other, supports each other, encourages each other.  
Competitive-yes! Supportive-always!

So as I was running I realized the reason I run races or start/join run groups is because....

I'm a runner~a community I'm proud to be a part of.


Anonymous said...

This is so true! I have never felt more accepted by a group of people than I do with my Run Club. I know why I run. It is to "OutRun TED", but no one has judged because I can't run much faster than the walkers, there is still encouragement when I get back. I love my run club and know that with there support, TED will one day just be left at the starting line waiting for me to come back...but I will be at the finish line, never looking back.

Anj Wiley said...

I agree! Just being in community with like-minded albeit crazy minded people is what I love about running with a group. It's empowering!

Anonymous said...

Running? I find it too much bouncing on my bladder, worry about a prolapse bladder. Then I get to my feet, it can cause heel spurs and tendonitis. My mind thinks what am I running from? So for the ultimate I like a vertical hike, I arrive to my destination=the top of a mountain. Always a welcomed sight. Consider the challenge Buffy.....