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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turning around

Point of view!

How one person sees something, an event or situation or predicament, how I see something.

Often vastly different based on a multitude of factors. So what happens when we change our point of view?

Life's challenges can seem insurmountable at times while life's joy can sometimes seem to rush past us and we never even realize them until they are past. Many times I hesitate to even tackle a problem-certain I won't have the strength to complete the task before me. All too often I wish time away for "the next event" not really enjoying the moments I'm living in.

During my run club last week I was once again solo. I wrote about how I run solo in group runs and why I run them here. I decided to run the opposite direction as the other group runners.  I was CERTAIN my time would be quicker than last week because I was running the "uphill" portion first-thus making it a "downhill" and the "flat" portion last-thus no "uphill" at the end.

Point of view being what it is.....

The perceived steep uphill finish turns out to be a mild downhill.  The perceived flat beginning turns out to be a long gradual uphill.

While Running, I realized the route was really not that much easier or difficult no matter which direction I ran it.
My Life, I realized, sometimes needs a new point of view so I don't cling to the idea that my challenges are beyond undertaking or that my joys are fleeting.

Remembering to turn around often!

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