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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Runner's Poem

Thinking of how I used to be one type of runner and how I am no longer that type.
                  Feeling a pang of sadness.

Thinking of how things used to be in parts of my life.
                 Feeling a pang of sadness.

Contemplating how my running has grown.
                 Excited about the possibilities.

Contemplating how I've grown and changed and enjoy myself.
                Excited about the possibilities.

Understanding running will always be a part of me.
                Realizing Peace.

Understanding it is my past, present and future that make up my life.
                Realizing Peace.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Did I sign up for this?

**WARNING** Potentially gross content~unless you run.

A dozen years, hundreds of miles, countless pairs of shoes, plenty of spandex.

Never...Not. One. Single. Time.  

Never have I experienced "runners runs". Just for laughs I looked it up on Urban Dictionary~it's there and quite honestly a accurately hysterical definition.

My last two Saturday long runs were interrupted with abrupt and severe GI issues.  The kind you don't ignore-the kind they call runners runs.  Thoughts surrounding this type of GI disturbance run along this course: this will pass, I can run through this....this isn't going away, maybe I should stop....how far to the nearest restroom....the woods look PERFECT!

I had a birthday recently.  Not really a milestone birthday-but as my sister (10 years younger) always likes to remind me, I'm just as close to the next decade as I am the previous one.

Is this my "gift" of this new age? Did I ask for any gifts at this age? Remembering how as a girl, I longed for that next special age and all the "gifts" that age afforded me and thinking wait-maybe I rushed things....

Lesson: enjoy the gifts of today, tomorrow's may be sudden and unexpected....

Maybe passing so many of these "encouraged" me?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Construction Zone

"Trail Under Construction"

If you saw this sign during your Saturday morning long run would you continue forward or turn around?

Here's where I confess:
Seeing this sign a few miles into my recent Saturday solo long run, I was tempted to turn around. Irritation arose and thoughts of a rough, messy trail started running through my mind.

I NEEDED a long run~PLANNED a long run~It was my birthday-I wanted cake!

I stayed. 
On course. 
And thought.

I thought about life, my life, life in general, those around me who's life touches mine.  I thought in reality that is what my life path is~a trail under construction.  Portions completed, portions remain unforged, portions need repair- a life under construction. Thankful as I am for each section of smooth path in my life,  a sense of joy came over me as I realized that there as many paths to be forged in my life as there are paths of my life that are under construction. 

Life can be a "trail under construction". Head out on that trail people! You never know what you will find there. 

This time I found a smooth beautiful new trail and a 6 mile run!