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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Construction Zone

"Trail Under Construction"

If you saw this sign during your Saturday morning long run would you continue forward or turn around?

Here's where I confess:
Seeing this sign a few miles into my recent Saturday solo long run, I was tempted to turn around. Irritation arose and thoughts of a rough, messy trail started running through my mind.

I NEEDED a long run~PLANNED a long run~It was my birthday-I wanted cake!

I stayed. 
On course. 
And thought.

I thought about life, my life, life in general, those around me who's life touches mine.  I thought in reality that is what my life path is~a trail under construction.  Portions completed, portions remain unforged, portions need repair- a life under construction. Thankful as I am for each section of smooth path in my life,  a sense of joy came over me as I realized that there as many paths to be forged in my life as there are paths of my life that are under construction. 

Life can be a "trail under construction". Head out on that trail people! You never know what you will find there. 

This time I found a smooth beautiful new trail and a 6 mile run! 

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