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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Did I sign up for this?

**WARNING** Potentially gross content~unless you run.

A dozen years, hundreds of miles, countless pairs of shoes, plenty of spandex.

Never...Not. One. Single. Time.  

Never have I experienced "runners runs". Just for laughs I looked it up on Urban Dictionary~it's there and quite honestly a accurately hysterical definition.

My last two Saturday long runs were interrupted with abrupt and severe GI issues.  The kind you don't ignore-the kind they call runners runs.  Thoughts surrounding this type of GI disturbance run along this course: this will pass, I can run through this....this isn't going away, maybe I should stop....how far to the nearest restroom....the woods look PERFECT!

I had a birthday recently.  Not really a milestone birthday-but as my sister (10 years younger) always likes to remind me, I'm just as close to the next decade as I am the previous one.

Is this my "gift" of this new age? Did I ask for any gifts at this age? Remembering how as a girl, I longed for that next special age and all the "gifts" that age afforded me and thinking wait-maybe I rushed things....

Lesson: enjoy the gifts of today, tomorrow's may be sudden and unexpected....

Maybe passing so many of these "encouraged" me?

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