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Monday, September 10, 2012

A run of remembering

Two days ago-LITERALLY- I lay in bed procrastinating and complaining it was too hot to drag my ass out of bed for a run.

Today-I lay in bed procrastinating and complaining it was cooler and cooler weather dries my throat out and make it harder for me to breath.

WHAT THE HELL! I have issues!

 I (perhaps like others) will often find ANY excuse to put off/procrastinate/avoid doing something that is challenging.

Not all my runs are challenging, but they all require the first step. Sometimes there is the accountability of meeting up with fellow runners; often it's just me and the trail; always there is the first step out the door.

In the end all the excuses in the world simply add up to excuses!

Then it dawned on me...often we face challenges in life that we weren't expecting and would certainly never choose.

Running is a "challenge" in life I've chosen-heading out the door to tackle that challenge boils down to my choice.  Today I chose to run as I remembered and celebrated those who have bravely faced challenges in life they never chose.

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