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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yes, I'm Thankful

Everywhere I turned over the past month, people were thankful for something or another.  It irritated me!  Not that I'm not thankful or grateful for all the great moments in my life.  I am! I was just having a hard time wrapping my head around people thankful for say...their electric mixer or their flat iron or other such objects.  I even found frustation in others thankfulness for people in their life-groups of friends, family etc. Changing and rebuilding my life has not gone off with out a hitch or lost friend/family members here or there.  Feelings of being let down by others, unappreciated and often invisibility clouded my appreciation for others thankfulness.

This morning, the run club I co-founded sponsored a Run for Seconds 10K.
Bright and early
Get it done!

My eldest son joined me and even ran with me a little bit.  My dearest friend and co-founder of the run club and I were able to run a few steps together.  However, most of the 6.15 miles was spent alone on the trail.

My glasses fogged for the first 3 miles so the trail was blurry which changed my perspective   As I was running I was reminded of a post I wrote about turning around and changing your point of view.

As I ran back I was reminded of just how much I am:

THANKFUL for this community of runners. 
THANKFUL that at 45 I can still run-and run faster. 
THANKFUL that I have 4 awesome children, several who will join me when I run. 
THANKFUL for the friends who have and continue to be there for me. 
THANKFUL for my good friend who always helps me put my life in perspective. 
THANKFUL for the guy who saw something in me that I never would have-and encourages me to keep finding ME. 

THANKFUL I am a runner!

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