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Monday, December 10, 2012

Going on


When our toddlers fell, we encouraged them with "up-i-do" or "you're ok"-never making a big fuss and simply encouraging them to get up and go on.

Two days ago the kids dad said to me- "I get knocked down, I get up again" in response to my rumblings about life.

My response was a weary-"I'm old and tired, not as tough as I used to be".


When our children fell, we brushed them off bandaged them up and let them know we were there, encouraging them to get up and go on.

Yesterday I fell off my bike. Completely my own fault and with 5 miles left in a 28 mile bike ride I was left with plenty of time to reflect on the fall. As I worked to finish the ride, I was struck with the reminder of how accurately that fall parallelled my life.

Often I find myself biting off more than I can chew, entering into something with grand intentions, or plain old making a "wrong-way" type of decision. Mid way through any of these situations comes the flood of realization that I will fall, and it will hurt. So then what?...lay there, ask for help, brush myself off and keep going-ignore the hurt?

Stubborn genes run strong in my family and I almost always take the brush myself off and keep going/ignore the hurt kind of route.


When our teens "fell" we reminded them "everyone falls-learn from it" and encouraged them to learn, grow and get up and go on.

Today I was told- "Everyone needs help sometimes".  Do I learn from my falls-or do I keep doing the same thing?

In learning, shouldn't I learn when to brush myself off and get up and when it's ok to ask for help?