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Friday, January 4, 2013

Speaking not whispering...

The change of the calendar year brings to mind
goals we set, either whispered, proclaimed or shared at the beginning of the year
thoughts of new refreshed/updated goals for the upcoming year

I'm a goal whisperer...not the kind that relays goal messages from beyond, the kind that quietly whispers their goals barely loud enough for their own self to hear let alone ANY other human.

is huge in my life, and for many years it has kept me from putting myself out there, reaching goals, living life.

Sometimes known as someone who will "try anything" or is "not afraid of anything", it surprises people when they realize what a head case I can be.

I've set and reached personal goals along the way. (a partial list)
48 pounds-lost
Sprint Triathalon-completed
Half Marathon(s)-completed
Sky Diving-done
Complete career change-in progress
Grand Canyon-hiked
Appalachian Trail-begun
Mission trip completed and only just begun
Travel the world-begun

The temptation for me to bail on a goal if things aren't going well is great-remember, I've only barely whispered it. In 2012 I set out to renew my running and whispered a goal to run 1000 miles.  While I had a successful running/racing year I wasn't able to meet my goal-by a lot! (533 running miles total) When I realized I wouldn't reach the goal, I confess to a much more casual approach to my running.

One of my running partners had the same goal. As she approached the end of the year she was still a ways off from her goal. She's not a goal whisperer. I watched in admiration as she let her running community know about her goal and tackled her remaining miles with gusto! And as I watched this community encourage her/run with her/inspire her I realized we are meant to lift each other up and sometimes...I have to speak my goals.

This year I plan to run a marathon.