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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peculiar, you say?

Six - 6 - six miles into a 7.5 mile run and my feet, hip, calf were killing me and this was my thought....

"...to complete my marathon goal this year, I would have to run this almost 3 more times!!"

I'm doomed!

A good stretch and a pep talk from my running partner and confidence has returned.  Being known for solid words and sage advice, what did my runner friend say that restored my resolve to pursue my goal...

"Your stride is...well...peculiar."

I've thought about it for two days and, she's right. It is peculiar. A short little stride, apparently fueled by the lower part of my legs partly explaining my battles with shin splints and large variety calf muscles (not just large for a woman-plain LARGE-peculiar!).

So how does one proceed with a peculiar stride? Change it, keep it, switch it up?

Looking up definitions of peculiar actually endeared me to the term describing my stride. 
"characteristic of only one person"
"special, particular"
"odd, curious"

My life, my journey, this journey, my running, my good times, my hard times-all peculiar and all mine.

I've decided to embrace this peculiar stride, tweak it to minimize injuries and own it.  Just as I am embracing my peculiar life journey, tweeking it to avoid injuries and owning it.