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Friday, June 7, 2013

Facing fears

After almost 3 years of sporadic riding, I was finally convinced to join a group ride.

8am-country roads-3 routes 

  • Route 1-23 miles-YES please! I've done that at least a number of times-confidence level=medium
  • Route 2-35 miles-YIKES....ummm, yeah let's stick with Route 1-confidence level=unsure
  • Route 3-70+ miles-WHY, just why do cyclists enjoy this?-confidence level= if you even try to get me to do this I will throw a temper tantrum.

"We will just fall in where you're comfortable-no worries, it won't be fast."

Last thing I heard before we "fell in" with the Route 2 lead riders-"sigh".

I've been on a bike. That's my experience level. These people know what they are doing. 

They clip in like champs, pedal like it's nothing, draft like they actually know what exactly that means, casually remove a water bottle from the cage while maintaining a 19mph pace to rehydrate and make this whole riding practically arm in arm; tire to tire group thing look SIMPLE!

I pedaled like I meant it, longing for the promised first rest stop with drinks and cookies...it seemed to take FOREVER. When I got there, my friend says-we don't have to stop-we can keep going.
Pretty much sums up how I felt

WTH! I was promised COOKIES~must stop pedaling, need fuel, need hydration, feel overwhelmed and out of place.

I manage a desperate "I need water" -pull over and mercifully stop moving my legs and get my ass off that seat/saddle-whatever it is-you feel it after a while.

Everyone left the first rest stop at different times, leaving me with only my friend, I was both thrilled and terrified.  The group thing seemed over BUT, I've ridden with him before and I don't know the roads so I was completely at his mercy...and pace!

Rest stop 2 (oh no cookies or snacks at Rest Stop 1 or 2-as promised) came at the top of a dreadfully long steep curvy hill. A hill that brought out all sorts of nasty in me and as I was told "You're doing great" I spat back "Just go".

There was water and Gatorade and people and rest, sweet-sweet rest
And water. And Gatorade. And Rest.

I didn't ask how much further/longer back to the car, it doesn't matter-I've learned that much.  
My only thoughts on the last leg of this journey? 


I'm grateful I can continue to push my body and sometimes to it's limits-on to marathon training!

I made it!

Running friends


Running Friends.

For a long time I had a lot of friends.

For a long time I was running.

For a long time I didn't have a lot of running friends.

Not long ago I lost a lot of friends.

Not long ago I wasn't running as much.

One year ago my long time really great friend and running partner and I started a social run club.

Now I know many people I call friend.

Now I am back to running.

Now I have many running friends!

Yesterday one of the first members of the run club posted this:

Angel wrote:
"Running is a free pass to friendship.
This is how I feel about River Run Club. Sharing in every one's accomplishments is what keeps me striving for bigger and harder goals! ♥ you guys and gals!"

I. Could. Not. Agree. More.

Find something active you love to do. Something that fuels you, ignites you, inspires you and  challenges you. Then get out there and find others who love the same thing and join them or invite them to join you. There is a camaraderie, a companionship, a sense of "I get you", an instant friendship-that can occur.