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Friday, June 7, 2013

Facing fears

After almost 3 years of sporadic riding, I was finally convinced to join a group ride.

8am-country roads-3 routes 

  • Route 1-23 miles-YES please! I've done that at least a number of times-confidence level=medium
  • Route 2-35 miles-YIKES....ummm, yeah let's stick with Route 1-confidence level=unsure
  • Route 3-70+ miles-WHY, just why do cyclists enjoy this?-confidence level= if you even try to get me to do this I will throw a temper tantrum.

"We will just fall in where you're comfortable-no worries, it won't be fast."

Last thing I heard before we "fell in" with the Route 2 lead riders-"sigh".

I've been on a bike. That's my experience level. These people know what they are doing. 

They clip in like champs, pedal like it's nothing, draft like they actually know what exactly that means, casually remove a water bottle from the cage while maintaining a 19mph pace to rehydrate and make this whole riding practically arm in arm; tire to tire group thing look SIMPLE!

I pedaled like I meant it, longing for the promised first rest stop with drinks and cookies...it seemed to take FOREVER. When I got there, my friend says-we don't have to stop-we can keep going.
Pretty much sums up how I felt

WTH! I was promised COOKIES~must stop pedaling, need fuel, need hydration, feel overwhelmed and out of place.

I manage a desperate "I need water" -pull over and mercifully stop moving my legs and get my ass off that seat/saddle-whatever it is-you feel it after a while.

Everyone left the first rest stop at different times, leaving me with only my friend, I was both thrilled and terrified.  The group thing seemed over BUT, I've ridden with him before and I don't know the roads so I was completely at his mercy...and pace!

Rest stop 2 (oh no cookies or snacks at Rest Stop 1 or 2-as promised) came at the top of a dreadfully long steep curvy hill. A hill that brought out all sorts of nasty in me and as I was told "You're doing great" I spat back "Just go".

There was water and Gatorade and people and rest, sweet-sweet rest
And water. And Gatorade. And Rest.

I didn't ask how much further/longer back to the car, it doesn't matter-I've learned that much.  
My only thoughts on the last leg of this journey? 


I'm grateful I can continue to push my body and sometimes to it's limits-on to marathon training!

I made it!

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Jason Horn said...

Awesome job and who's that sessy gent with ya.