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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You know you're a runner when...

I haven't really ever refered to myself as a runner.

Not after any of my half marathons
Not after co-founding a run club
Not after a 204 mile relay
Not after my first marathon


Lack of confidence
Lack of speed
Don't have the body of a runner
Don't feel accomplished
Fear of some "real" runner calling me out
Fear of failure

They're my reasons, my thoughts-if they are valid or not really doesn't cross my mind.

As the year winds down and talks of planning 2014 begin to circulate with my running friends, I'm taking stock of my 2013 and realize what a bang up year it's been!

I've run almost 900 miles, a half marathon, a 10k, 8k, several 5k's, fun runs, countless long training runs, trail runs, biked close to 400 miles, gotten back in the pool, hiked many miles and run a marathon.

Still hesitant to call myself a runner.


I couldn't run!

Injury has me on the do-not-run list and honestly running is ALL I can think about!

Yesterday, determined to be moving in some way I hit the pool early, took an afternoon ride on the bike and when I got home decided I could probably handle a short run.

It was 2 miles of BLISS. Every awesome running theme song played in my head. Every inspiring running movie was brought to mind. For those 2 miles it all came together and I realized...

and I feel awesome

What's your awesome? Find it! Know it! Be it!