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Monday, January 27, 2014


My current year race medals hang on my rear view mirror.

A tradition, a reminder of the previous years accomplishments.

Today during a drive through Starbucks stop, the young guy at the register said:

"SWEET marathon medal!"

"Thanks, I replied" (noticing it for the first time in a while)

"Did you win or something?" he said.

"Ummm, no-that's just what they give everyone" I replied.

"Well it's awesome!" he said-with gusto.


I drove away with a smile and thought very hard about it as I watched the medals out of the corner of my eye and listened to them clink against each other.

I wish I could rewind and say this in reply.

"You know-I did win. Although I did not finish the race first, I was mostly racing for myself-against self doubt, against questions of ability, against uncertainty, against fears and against deamons created by me,  So yes-I won over all those things and I FINISHED that marathon."

...or something like that!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here's to happy running.

Eleven (11) months of my best running on the books last year.

 One (1) month of injury and rest.

If you put them on a scale, the 11 months would win. HANDS DOWN.

If you put them in my head, and my head gets the better of me-1 lousy month of crap assery runs, pain, injury and "taking it easy"...works it's way slowly, craftily, almost slippery into the win column.

And this is how it happens for me.

You train, you run, you cross train, you run, you work, you run, you race, you run, you succeed, you run... 

Then, in walks injury/life event/work/family/lack of motivation/parties/holidays or any number of reasons not to run. So you take a day off here, a couple there, before you know it a week or so and when you head out for your next run:

~I can't believe it's been so long since I ran
~I'm not sure I'm feeling this
~Crap, this is hard
~I should turn around now before I get too far
~Conditions don't seem favorable

So here's my challenge to you, myself! 

Turn each one of those doubts around and get back out there because you deserve it and you CAN succeed.

~It feels great to be running after some time off
~I'm out here despite of myself and my doubts
~Hard work now, results later
~Push just a little further today and strength returns
~There are no perfect conditions