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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When you're recovering from injury do you just party on?

IT band injuries stink!

Runners know all about the IT band and often let out a sigh when you mention it.

Non-runners ask "now...what is an IT band" almost every time you mention it or when you have to say "no you won't be running" this weekend because of the IT band.

I pushed it as long as I could with the stinking injury until I really decided (read:NEEDED) to take a solid 6 weeks off and rest it while continuing to strengthen surrounding muscles (thanks Stiner Massage-more to come there) and flexibility.

During that 6 weeks, I swam, rode a little, but mostly I race spectated! 

Race spectating, it turns out, is almost as fun as race participating. Here are a few of the races I attended and often #partiedlikeiranthem

Ella's Race-part of the Chick-fil-a series

After my youngest participated in the Krispy Kreme Challenge he insisted on solo participation in this race. The first part of the year was a challenging time for him and it was good to see his enthusiasm.

Ella's Race raises funds and awareness for pediatric brain cancer and Ella and her brother attended a school near and dear to me and my family for a brief period. Supporting the race was an honor.

Ran into several run club friends-more to cheer for!
Anticipating at least 30 minutes (based on his previous runs or run/walks), it was thrilling seeing him near the finish just past 23 minutes.

Approaching finish line.
Close enough-and it was official

Turns out the course wasn't marked properly and volunteers were turning some of the people in front around too soon, but he ran the whole way and had a great time.

Merge Records 25k

The point to point race had been on my race calendar but injury kept me from participating. The race was going on the same time as Ella's Race but I really wanted to see some people finish, so after cheering my son on, I rushed on over and could not believe I made it in time to see them cross the finish line.

Just before the finish-and the heel click
Beer was had, fun was had, it was a great day in Durham!
(that's all you need to know about that post race party)

Great post race party!
River Run Club & Big Boss Run Club

Celebrating running and bday's at RRC
I faithfully (kind of) attended my run club, although as a founder of a run club, it is very challenging to show up each week not able to participate. I took pictures, I rode the bike to support other runners. I consumed beer like I was running. It was fun.

River Run Club
Toward the end of my 6 week rest period, I started walking a little bit. Not too hard or too much to stress out the finicky IT band, but enough to feel good and get my legs about me. I was swimming a lot and biking a little, so I knew I needed to add some leg work into the mix. You can find a run club every single night of the week in Raleigh/Durham-I'm partial to River Run Club and Big Boss Run Club. 

We Want the Funk-Free FA Half

I love racing and being a part of racing. Big, small, organized or casual. I have a friend who has a strict "I don't run alone" policy, so I was happy to ride support for him at the "We Want the Funk-FA Run"

A very casual-free-half marathon on a Friday night!
On the greenway at WWTF

We Want the Funk! Gotta Have The Funk! Both of these guys went on to run another race the next day....intervention time?

Rock-n-Roll Marathon/Half Marathon-Raleigh

The final race I spectated/volunteered in was the Rock-n-Roll Raleigh Marathon and Half Marathon. Having never volunteer for a race this size I was unsure about what to expect. What a blast! (Even with waking up at 4am). I volunteered at bag check and was finished (basically) by the time the race started. I got to watch almost all of my friends begin their race-many of them racing their first half or full marathon. 

Watching runners complete their journey is so awesome.

Good friends help you PR!
Rugged Maniac

I had begun running again-training for my first ultra, but one more race to spectate was on my list. I was able to watch was my boys participate in the Rugged Maniac! It was much more of a mudrun than I remember my mudrun being!

Here's to race spectating!

Such fun AND we stayed clean and dry!
Keeping connected to the racing/running community was crucial to me during my much needed/not wanted rest time. My heart was ready to run, my body wasn't. Learning to be ok with that ended up taking the entire six weeks! 

What's your running/biking/training/fitness struggle and how will you get through it?