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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Go Run!

Two weeks ago it was 20 degrees.

I stepped out for all my runs with the same thought. "I'm over this cold! I can't wait for warm weather"

This week we have 70 degree weather.

I stepped out this morning and thought. "I hate the heat and humidity-I'm such a better runner in the cold"


Truth be told...

I looked back over my photos and was struck with this thought.

Some runs are hard, some runs are easy, all runs are worth getting out the door for.

Snow, ice and slush run 2 weeks ago

Cold long run with friends

Race day fun in 60 degrees

What makes you pause before heading out the door?

Grab a friend and go! 
You'll be glad you did. 

Thank you to all my running friends for all the support over the years. You are a fabulous community that I write like to write about often. (see here) (and here)