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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mountain biking

Mountain biking!

It sounds badass, it is badass and sometimes I just need to feel badass.

I accepted my invitation to camp/mountain bike eagerly and with open arms....

Then I saw the trails! WAAAAHHH

Seriously-HOW is this considered a "biking" trail?

My only other mountain biking experience ended in full on ugly girl cry when I crashed on a tough and technical switchback (promise I'm not exaggerating).  It was 4 years ago and you can read it here.

Four years ago means 4 years added to my age and falling becomes less and less something I am inclined to do.

So my epic mountain biking weekend turned into me telling the guys to "go on without me" because...
Crisis and ugly girl cry potential averted!

I did decide to head out on the EASY trail because:

1-I wanted to prove to myself I was still just a little badass
2-I could practice without anyone else watching how slow and cautious I am
3-I fully embrace the "Do something each day that frightens you" idea

The trail was basically flat, narrow and full of rocks. I may never understand why mountain bikers purposely add "rock gardens" to trails.

So here's my photo recap of my limited miles on the trails.

Trail head-doesn't look too intimidating
Rocks, rocks, rocks-everywhere rocks!
Confidence wavering
I think I'm getting the hang of it.
End of the trail in sight and NO ROCKS!
I've concluded:

1-My hiking skills are badass, my mountain biking skills are still in training wheels
2-Slow and cautious may forever be my mountain biking mantra
3-Mountain biking is frightening...and pretty fun once you relax.

I'm heading out for another weekend in the mountains with supposedly "epic" trails that don't have an elevation gain of 1000 feet in 1/2 mile so I hope to strap on my helmet, clip in my shoes and give it another try.
Until next time trails, until next time!

Until then...you can find me in my comfort place...running!

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